Spellswords: Magic-using Fighters for D&D 5e


A play on the word Sellsword, spellswords are mercenaries who have lent their might to a powerful creature from another plane in exchange for access to arcane powers. Spellswords invariably have a mission given to them by their patrons, and are driven by the magic of their pacts to try to complete this mission at any cost.

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When it comes to making a gish – that is, a caster who relies on some mixture of melee combat and spellcasting – most players are forced to turn to multi-classing. Invariably, a few levels of Fighter tacked onto the casting class of choice offer the brunt of the build, along with carefully selected spells.

This document aims to offer a look at what Fighters might look like if they had the Druid and Warlock subclass equivalents to the Eldritch Knight, and to bring the Eldritch Knight more in line with the rules that govern the magic of Wizards.

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