Power Chord: Kill – Bards of Metal and their Singspells

New spells and abilities for Dungeons & Dragons 5e bards, as well as a new subclass built to shred.

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A deranged dwarf sings out a death growl and thrashes his head as he cleaves his way through yet another goblin. A half-elf starts a rhythmic chantey while the grain silo burns; it’s out of place and startling, but it helps the line of firefighters find their pace as they pass pails
toward the flames.

One of the iconic abilities of the bard from older editions of Dungeons & Dragons was the class’s ability to create effects in combat via song and story. This was replaced with 5th editions’ Bardic Inspiration, which is a unique and fun mechanic that created a very different texture from the bard of previous editions.

Bardic Songs, which this PDF introduces, are special spells that a bard can cast and maintain concentration on. They take their mechanical inspiration from the bard class in D&D 3.5, but create new uses of the Bardic Inspiration mechanic, depending on which song the
bard is singing.

And the subclass that you’ll find for bards at the end of the document, the College of Metal, explores the bard as a vicious melee combatant whose regard for their own well-being is non-existant as they shred their way through battlefields and make use of these new mechanics.

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