Reworked Humans for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

This homebrew option adds human subraces to the Dungeons & Dragons 5e. The magical hillfolk, the intelligent wasteland peoples, curious wanderers, and common folk populate the world and add flavor to D&D’s most popular race.

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If you want the humans in your Dungeons & Dragons 5e game to seem a bit less vanilla, Humanity Reworked has you covered. Choose from between:

  • Wasterlanders – intelligent people acclimated to the harshest environments.
  • Hillfolk – clans of people in tune with nature.
  • Wanderers – curious travelers who are good at sizing up a stranger
  • Common folk – most humans, who have extra skills.

Additionally, all humans are more resistant to death, which perhaps explains how they have survived so long in such a dangerous world.

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