Enchanted Metals: Lore & Magic Items

Magical metals and where to find them: a collection of items that straddle the line between magical and non-magical for high-powered Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

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These collections of enchanted metals are meant to offer item choices in high-powered campaigns. By default, these do not require attunement, but this is obviously in the realm of DM fiat.

Mithril and Adamantine already exist in D&D 5e, but these versions of the metals have lore attached, and the items they craft into are a bit more attractive to players than their vanilla variants.

Truesilver appears in other popular fantasy — Vayne from League of Legends uses Truesilver Bolts, and it’s a crafting item in World of Warcraft. Here, it functions as a sort of Holy Metal, used for monster hunting in honor of the League of Legends vampire hunting acrobat, and for detecting invisible creatures. If you’re running horror or Dark Fantasy, I think Truesilver has a good vibe for you.

Lastly, this module introduces Shadowglass, a material between ceramic and metal that benefits spell casters.

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