Dragonborn Reborn: Expanded Ancestry Options

Playing a dragonborn in your next D&D 5e campaign? Pamper yourself with this alternate take on the race.

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We are not playing a game called Dungeons & Tieflings. We are not playing a game called Dungeons & Elves. We are playing Dungeons & Dragons, but, for reasons that are not clear, playing the race descended from the game’s namesake is spectacularly bland. The breath attack is boring, and while the different colors of dragons themselves are hand-crafted and memorable, your choice of color as a dragonborn gives little more than uninspired flavor to a breath attack that is rarely ever worth using.

Meanwhile, there are six billion subraces of elves and rules for handcrafting a tiefling. Combined with the knowledge that, in at least one popular campaign setting (hi, Matt Colville!) the act of being a dragonborn is illegal and carries a similar social malus to playing a goblin or a drow elf (more elves!), the dragonborn race needs a lot of love.

And we’re here for them today, with the latest 5e hack in The Arcana Check, which you can download for free thanks to our awesome patrons.


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