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Lost Minis of Phandelver 2.0

So, Zach and I are going to start back on making paper minis, but on a more relaxed schedule and with some more wiggle room about how we do it. Before we started in any public sort of way, however, we wanted to bring our most popular pack up-to-date. My previous blog post outlined how we”re doing this, but by the time you read this, the new version will be live and you”ll just be able to check out the new version yourself.

The long and short of the update is that it has:

  1. New hero skins
  2. New easy-to-cut layout
  3. New version of the file with high quality backgrounds
  4. New tokens for online play

On another kinda confusing note – without much warning at all, my store stopped working and I had to rebuild it. So those of you who bought this file on the old TC store won”t be able to go pick up the new version very easily. This is 100% not my intention. If you bought the old Minis and want the update, tweet me @yesthievescan and I”ll make sure you get the updates. I”m doing this on the honor system, so don”t worry about providing a proof-of-purchase. I”m not convinced the old system was actually giving those anyway.

The new store is going to be on Gumroad. We have to give them a small cut of each purchase (5%, which is WAY better than the DM guild, which keeps 50%) but I also never have to worry about whether or not the store will work.

The product should load immediately above this text. If it doesn”t, check this link:

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Feed Drop

Hey everyone,

This week, Thieves Can’t is doing a feed drop. Zach and I are retreating into our holes and working quietly – among other things.

The protests are ongoing and important – and are making important progress. Pressure that originated from these protests is already forcing city councils and other government institutions to make important concessions about how police forces are organized and managed in the US. It’s progress, but it’s not enough.

In solidarity with the ongoing protests, Thieves Can’t is dropping its feed to highlight the hard work of Black creators. We’ll see you next Monday with part 2 of Starfall. In the meantime, we’ll be showcasing some of our favorite Black artists from various genres & media.